Arenal Kayaks Boatshop

Boat construction is considered by many to be the ultimate test of carpentry skills. Also a test of patience as many hours of work sometimes spanning years are required to construct a seaworthy craft.

Here at Arenal Boatworks, we are dedicated to building human or wind powered watercraft. You won't find any engines being installed here. We expect either the paddler or the wind to provide the motive force. Our philosophy is to promote low impact usage of Lake Arenal. Not only to keep from polluting the water but also to respect wildlife habitats in the water and along the shoreline.

To accomplish this goal we are currently offering only human powered watercraft, kayaks and canoes. We'll leave the sailing craft to others for the time being but the winds on Lake Arenal are favorable and a sailing craft could be in the shop before long.

Order your own exotic tropical wood kayak or canoe! Arenal Boatworks will build a kayak or canoe to order or select from one of our designs as we develop a unique standard for kayaks from Costa Rica. Our boats are a work of art but we think you'll want to enjoy them in the water. Performance for your style of boating is important, Arenal Boatworks will work to customize a craft for your application.

Our boats are constructed from local tropical woods using the strip building technique. This construction method creates a very lightweight but strong craft that can be easily customized for specific requirements. Weight can be sacrificed for strength for example and many other design enhancements.

Some of the more exotic tropical woods are also incorporated into the design of the craft to enhance its appearance and uniqueness. Availability of the most exotic woods is always changing as some even become extinct. Selection for your craft will be determined based either on our current stock or wood(s) you request.

Contact our boat builder by email using the contact page to begin construction on your custom tropical wooden boat.

Interested in kayak building? Continue to Construction Introduction to Arenal Kayaks Exotic Tropical Wood Kayaks and enjoy the construction journal of our first craft.