Arenal Kayaks Boatshop

Boat construction is considered by many to be the ultimate test of carpentry skills. Also a test of patience as many hours of work sometimes spanning years are required to construct a seaworthy craft.

Last deck strip

Had to close the boat shop for a couple of days last week. Was time to do the maintenance on the Jeep transfer case. Took about 3-days off the boat progress but it was time to make an attempt to fix the truck. We have partial success on that effort.

The last few days have been spent closing the hole on the boat. In the process were 2 modifications to the design. Decided to lay one of those unused 1/2" strips of guapinol along each side following the sheer curve. Also made a little arrow on each side of the front deck. Had a lot of space there to play with so I added some more guapinol in there. You might be able to see those pieces in the photos.

Had a very brief window of opportunity to get the boat out in the daylight today but we blew it. Beth was swinging the machete around so I decided to stay out of the way of that and take what photos I could.

To get an idea of what the boat will look like with a finish, I occaisionaly wipe a section down with a damp cloth. This treatment not only shows the grain but also helps to close any staple or nail holes. I've also been doing some sanding on parts of the deck as I get farther with the strips. The 2 photos below are from the stern deck after being sanded and wetted.